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"Chiaia is a unique trip-hoppy visionary of language" --Lo Galluccio, Ibbetson Street Press

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poetry (novella in verse)

118 Pages

Perfect-Bound Paperback

Price $9.99 (currently discounted)

Glyphic is a novella in verse about an American living in Mexico and Guatemala in the late 1990s when one country was recovering from years and years of civil war and the other had just suffered two massacres of the indigenous Mayan population. The novella examines time, reality, and loyalty as the main character moves through beautiful places and relationships and finds out who he is and how the world works behind the scenes. It is a tale of catharsis and rejuvenation in which he must decide either to fight the revolution or marry the fiancee.

For Monks Only

short fiction

41 Pages

Kindle eBook

Price $2.99 (currently discounted)

For Monks Only is a piece burning with raw dialogue that tracks your flight from Brooklyn to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a quest to find your estranged girlfriend and to reunite. You travel the Philippines and Thailand and hear many fragmented stories of love and loss. All along the way your resolve is tested time and again until you find out some secrets to the universe that were previously reserved for monks only. 

Ten Poems About East Asia & Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And


Publisher: Coatlism Press

47 Pages

This is Ralph's first published book. It is a series of mock plays, travelogue, haiku-like poems, rants, HTML codes, fake translations and other experimental forms thrown together. It is essentially two chapbooks mashed up into one. 

     More Reviews and Information about Ten Poems

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