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About the Author

I was born in Staten Island which means I have a very shoddy looking birth certificate. Clerks in various government agencies in different countries' varying bureaucracies sometimes doubt that it is legit. On this piece of crap paper that looks like it was photocopied in a 7-11 in 1967 it lists that Ralph M. Chiaia is the author of The Sacred CalendarTen Poems and Ampersands (read praise), "For Monks Only", I, Orange Girls, and Glyphic.

In 2011 voting, Ralph came in second in the voting for the P&E's Best Poet of the Year. Glyphic was also runner-up for the Elixir Press Best Poetry Prize. Ralph likes to come in second place. 

Ralph was born in New York City in 1975. He grew up in New Jersey and New York before moving to Oaxaca and Seoul. He planned to stay in Mexico for two weeks. He ended up staying over two years, including time living outdoors in the Lacandon Rainforest and time studying to be a daykeeper in Xelaju Noj (which inspired his book of 20 poems about the sacred calendar and the daysigns).  

He currently owns and runs RAndy's Bar in Seoul. He is credited with making the Gay Shot #1 and #2 (quickly becoming the world's most popular shot few people know about). You can find him at the pool table or at home in front of his computer. 

He has a son born Water on the Mayan Calendar, born the day the tsunami struck Japan in 2011. Ralph's sign is Eagle. His baby's Mama's sign is Rabbit. This makes for constant excitement.  

Ralph with his friend Carlos at a Wedding in 2012

Recent Books

The Sacred Calendar

Ralph's time in Guatemala and Mexico led him to write a poem for each day of the sacred Mayan calendar. This book studies personality, time, sex, and mystery. It's loaded with Mayan Ooga Booga and American Realism. The back is filled with explanations of the calendar in general and each daysign's meaning. 

I, Orange Girls

Ralph's time living in Korea led him to write this rant about East Asia, allergies, and Oranges. 

For Monks Only
Pequin Novella

Your story of traveling to Southeast Asia to reclaim your love. Along the way there are many fragments of stories of travel and love. It's Ralph's short story version of Gao Xingjian's masterpiece Soul Mountain


The convoluted story of a young man in Latin America. It's part swaggering adventure tale, part rant about how big business destroys the soul, and part a treatise on time. 

10 Poems about East Asia & Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And

Called "a genius book" by Lo Galluccio of Ibbetson St. Press, it is a book of poems in two parts: one haiku like sketches of cities in Asia, and the other rants about life in America.  

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